I believe doing good design is like making good sandwiches — every layer matters

Giada’s breakfast sandwich

Here's my secret recipe

3 bread slices are the foundation

I have 3 different degrees in Theater Arts, Media Design, and Human-Computer Interaction.

Smoked ham is the meat

I am a storyteller and have 5 years of experience in creating interactive storytelling experiences.

Avocado is the transformation

My broad skillset in prototyping and programming help me bring my ideas to reality.

Pickle & tomato are my extra magic

I grew up in Taiwan — a democratic island in East Asia where I learned to embrace everyone's differences.

Cheese holds everything together

I care about people around me and then cultivate positive relationships with my co-workers.

Egg salad is the personal touch

I am a motorcycle rider, a British rock fan, an anime lover, and a meme fanatic.

Songs pair well with my sandwiches

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